Thursday, November 30, 2006

Very nice NAFTA review in Paris Transatlantic: thanks DW!

Whoa... this review just came out in Paris Transatlantic-- very complimentary and nice! I miss playing and hanging out with Chris and Juan a lot. I have highlighted the parts about the guitar playing in rust, the traditional color of narcissism.
Ten Pounds To The Sound
Calling your group after an international trade agreement might sound like an odd idea (and it's a bugger of a job trying to get any info on Google as a result), but makes sense when it's a trio consisting of a Canadian, an American and a Mexican: respectively Kurt Newman, guitar, Chris Cogburn, percussion and Juan Garcia, bass. I'm not sure whether there should be one of those pesky little encircled "R"s indicating Registered Trade Mark (or whatever it means) after the name of the group, but as I never add one after Deep Listening and make a point of forgetting the "TM" after Bill Dixon I'm not going to make any exceptions here. Newman hails from Toronto, but until recently was based in Austin Texas, home not only to percussionist Cogburn but to a dynamic and refreshingly dogma-free improvised music scene. Garcia met Cogburn and fellow Texas improv prime mover Dave Dove when he moved to Houston from Monterrey, Mexico at the age of 17. His meaty bass makes a fine foundation for the music to build upon. Cogburn is as good at hitting his instruments as he is at bowing and rubbing them, and Newman's guitar playing is splendid, at times sounding like a koto, at times like Django Reinhardt beamed down to jam with late 90s Polwechsel. If you can't imagine what that could possibly sound like you ought to check it out for yourself. If you can't find one of the elegant hand-stitched CDRs (limited edition of 100), it seems the music is available for download at and there's also a video of this July 2006 concert at Okay Mountain for you to check out at–DW

Monday, August 14, 2006

Toronto Solo

Live at the tranzac club... great night with the draperies... what a joy to play solo music for most of the people who taught me all of the important things i learned about music during my years in toronto, which was when i learned all of the important things i learned about music: eric chenaux, martin arnold, stephen parkinson, aimee dawn robinson, doug tielli, ryan driver... whoa. so nice to see old friends.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Aaron Tucker Is The World's Best Improvisor

Omigod, I am reeling with glee... Chris Cogburn has just posted some video of our erstwhile and future trio Perruque, which featured CC on percussion, yours truly on guitar, and Aaron Tucker on clown/movement. We did a number of performances, each of which was more fried and transcendent than the last. Aaron moved away a few months after the project started, but I am 1000% positive that we will perform again many more times in the coming years.

These videos makes me deliriously happy. The ones above document a performance at the Red Door venue in Austin, Texas from 2003, I think. Below is a film of a set at the Hyde Park Theatre, from winter 2004.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Audio from Horne/Newman Duo and Fun and Games Quartet

Thanks to the intrepid efforts of Charlie Alvarado and Clifford Allen, I was able to do a couple of consecutive farewell appearances on their KVRX show "Close Enough for Jazz" in July. There is a link to two hot little excerpts here... the duo with Jonathan Horne features the young master on archtop acoustic and the old codger on electrical archtop guitars; Fun and Games is a quartet featuring Jonathan, again on acoustic archtop guitar, Chris Cogburn on selected percussion, Nick Hennies on snare, and yours truly on electrical archtop guitar.

Many thanks to Oguz Erdin, a great recording engineer who generously gave of his time and expertise to record this music!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

NAFTA at Okay Mountain

Awesome videos, Michelle! Thanks so much.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Nuovo Video

Thanks to the magic of You Tube (and the videographizing of Jason), two Long Telegram (Nick Hennies on the drums, me on the guitar) clips are now viewable by cyber-people. I love the future!

These are from the Parlor show that happened last week.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nuovo Audio

Chris Cogburn has a great page up at B. Eubanks's rasbliutto site with a number of unreleased archived recordings (here's a direct link to Chris's page). Some highlights include the trio that Chris and I did with Jaap Blonk, music from the recent Houston improvisation sessions at the DiverseWorks gallery, and a fried quartet from the 2005 No Idea Festival with Chris, me and messrs Eubanks and Bruckmann. Should we call this group "Men Burn New Banks" or "New Men Burn Banks"?

Monday, February 20, 2006


Newest Releases (as of July 2006):

Guest pedal steel on the track "You Win!" on The Weird Weeds' Weird Feelings (Sounds Are Active, 8/2006)

Guest guitar on one track of Sextessence (Balance Point Acoustics) with John Butcher, Aaron Bennett, Henry Kaiser, Jerome Bryerton, Damon Smith, Danielle De Gruttola

The Cut-Out Bin:

Wrist Error Tempo Tempo (Ulterior)

Port Huron Picnic (Spool)

Marmots Treacle Wall (Rat-Drifting)

No Idea Festival 2004 (Ten Pounds to the Sound/Spring Garden)

Weird Weeds Hold Me (Digitalis)


Kurt Newman's Ulterior Page

Coaxing an expression dry and fragile as rare mosses (music) growing on a riverbank, speaking silently as the wilderness night sounds. From a hollow bodied electric, Kurt Newman coaxes a variety of sounds in hammering, stroking, rubbing, fingerings and placements, creating a contrapuntal deluge of simultaneous musical noise, harmonics, and sound events. One of the most interesting new stylists I've heard in a long time (La Donna Smith, The Improvisor).

Blurbs for Port Huron Picnic @ Spool Music

Review of No Idea Festival CD @ Jazz Weekly

Review of No Idea Festival CD @ One Final Note

Profile of Wrist Error @ Music Works

Interview with Kurt re: Golden Melody Awards @ Wavelength

Review of No Idea Festival @ PARIS Transatlantic Magazine

Review of the Weird Weeds CD @ The Austin Chronicle

Review of the No Idea Festival @ The Austin Chronicle

Review of the Weird Weeds @ Tiny Mix Tapes

Blurbs for Wrist Error's Tempo Tempo @ Spool Music

Review of Wrist Error's Tempo Tempo @ Eye Weekly

Interview with Kurt @ Austin360

And, it's a real good guitar album -- the line-up is a drummer and three guitarists, and it's often the "lead guitar" (credited as such) by Kurt Newman that saves the day, sharp little spiky melodies bouncing off the chordal chiming prog-pop interlock the rhythm players lay down.

--excerpt from Review of Weird Weeds @ Blastitude

Friday, February 10, 2006