Friday, March 18, 2011

Acute Archive Fever Fever

Some recordings of me and Eric Chenaux. Acoustic guitar/dobro improvised duets from the late 1990s, recorded live at the Music Gallery. The real stuff.

More Archive Fever

Some solo improvised music from March 2000. Eleven years ago? What the?

Archive Fever, Volume One

In anticipation of early senility, I have been posting some older music online at the wonderful

The first batch includes a set with Fred Lonberg-Holm and Michael Colligan from early January at the Empty Bottle. I recently rediscovered the CDs of this performance, an especially poignant occasion as they were made by the saintly Malachi Ritscher, who killed himself in a dramatic fashion in protest against the atrocities of the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I did not know him, but was impressed by his kindness and dedication to documenting the music he loved when we met on the night of this performance. Rest in peace.

The music is pretty interesting, and it was a privilege and honor to play with these musicians. Happened a few other times; hope it might happen again.

Here are the links: