Monday, February 20, 2006


Kurt Newman's Ulterior Page

Coaxing an expression dry and fragile as rare mosses (music) growing on a riverbank, speaking silently as the wilderness night sounds. From a hollow bodied electric, Kurt Newman coaxes a variety of sounds in hammering, stroking, rubbing, fingerings and placements, creating a contrapuntal deluge of simultaneous musical noise, harmonics, and sound events. One of the most interesting new stylists I've heard in a long time (La Donna Smith, The Improvisor).

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And, it's a real good guitar album -- the line-up is a drummer and three guitarists, and it's often the "lead guitar" (credited as such) by Kurt Newman that saves the day, sharp little spiky melodies bouncing off the chordal chiming prog-pop interlock the rhythm players lay down.

--excerpt from Review of Weird Weeds @ Blastitude